UP&GO originally started as Pop-Punk cover band called The Last Ten Years.
As time passed and members parted ways, Chris and Esteban were left with a lot of free time and began to spend more of it writing original material. As time passed frustration began to mount. Songs were being written but left unfinished because of the lack of percussion and bass.
Finally, after about three months of hibernation and several tryouts later. UP&GO found drummer Robbie Fureby.
Robbie saw the need for Bass and insisted he brought his friend Dean. Robbie and Dean filled the void in the band and momentum started to push forward.

At this point. . . Robbie and Dean were both learning the songs that have been created and it wasn't until a little over a month that Dean decided to pack his bags and head to Tennessee. Reasons I do not know. . Couch surfing?
Anyways. . This left the band in a very difficult position. Shows were being booked but there was no bass.

In the summer of 12' Eric Recher stepped in as a friend to provide some much needed assitance in the bass department. Eric was there while we recorded our demo in July and assisted in recording bass tracks and background vocals on the upcoming 'Taking Off EP'. Although Eric wasn't a full time member he still brought a sense of fullness to the band. Due to conflicting schedules and bigger priorities UP&GO were forced to find a full time member.

This leaves us here . . . UP&GO is in the midst of finishing our debut CD.


Esteban Holloway

Lead Vocals/Guitar

Chris Curry


David Altatorre

Bass Guitar/Vocals

Nicholas Tarkowski